The Agency works to have in-depth and ongoing exchanges with French-speaking administrations, especially with a view to preparing and exchanging views during the World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC), at seminars known as CAPTEF (Conférence Administrative des Postes et Télécommunications d'Expression Française). They usually occur three or four times a year per preparation cycle, and during weekly meetings during the WRC. They make it possible:

  • to present/explain/share the positions supported by France and the CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations), arguing in the light of frequency planning and management issues,
  • for our French-speaking counterparts, members of the African Telecommunications Union (ATU), the Arab Group (ASMG) and other French-speaking countries (Canada, Switzerland), to present their positions and those of their regional bodies to each other.

These exchanges help each partner to have a more global vision of their respective positions and issues beyond the regional positions on the items on the WRC agenda, and to clarify certain positions and reach a common understanding. Thus, material responses aimed at avoiding or ironing out disputes on the various items.

Cooperation between the members of the Conférence administrative des postes et télécommunications des pays d'expression française (CAPTEF) contributes to the success of negotiations at the World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC).