Acces to frequencies

The national frequency band assignment table is the primary source of frequency rights in France. In France, access to radio frequencies is based on a 2-step regulatory process:

  • The assignment of frequency bands, a sovereign process that decides on the purpose for which the bands are to be used and confers on the administrations and authorities to which they are assigned the access rights they need to carry out their missions.
  • The authorisation to use frequencies for the provision of electronic communication services

The frequency band distribution is highly structured by the upstream process of periodic updates to the Radio Regulations (RR) at World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC). This process is rolled out at the European level by the adoption of harmonisation measures which are at the heart of the industry's concerns to support sustainable investment in the radiocommunications sector.

The independent administrative authorities are in charge of authorising the use of frequencies for the provision of electronic communication services. Authorisations can be given on a general or individual basis, in line with the regulatory solutions set out in the TNRBF. The management of individual authorisations is part of market regulation activities and must be based on transparent and non-discriminatory procedures.