The Radio Spectrum Committee (RSCOM) helps the European Commission in its policy coordination work in which spectrum uses are a stake (electronic communications, transport, R&D, etc.). It is composed of representatives from the 28 European Union countries. It is chaired by the Commission. The RSCOM was created by Decision 676/2002/EC (refer to Decision 1999/468/EC for the procedure by which the Commission consults the committees).

The Commission draws up draft harmonisation measures based on the CEPT answers to its mandates. The RSCOM must approve draft Commission Decisions by a qualified majority which originates from the Lisbon Treaty.

Within the RSCOM, the ANFR defends the French position concerning the harmonisation measures and the mandates given to the CEPT. If necessary, it takes part in specific work groups and draws up counter-proposals.

Harmonisation decisions must be applied by Member states:

The European Commission gives the CEPT (ECC) mandates to study technical harmonisation conditions:

The French positions defended in the RSCOM are prepared during “European affairs” concertation committees organised before each RSCOM (radio spectrum committee calendar). The ANFR also coordinates answers to the European Commission, for example on draft harmonisation decisions.