Test & Tagging

Major events require substantial radio resources for audiovisual purposes (cameras, wireless microphones, order systems, links, etc.) or for organization (PMR, timing, etc.). Thus, an important step for the success of a major event is the one of the test and tagging of radio equipment.

It has to be done before the event and consists in checking the conformity of the equipment to be introduced on the venue of the event and the compliance with the authorized frequencies. It facilitates the control of the spectrum operated during the event and contributes to solve frequencies jamming that could occur.

Équipements radioélectriques nécessitant le Test & Tagging :

Radio equipment requiring an ANFR tag

All the devices mentioned here below do not require any ANFR tag:

Radios (eg. : push to talks, walkie-talkies) from all public safety services (eg. : police, firemen or medical care)

Further devices such as :

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