Our missions


The National frequency agency prepares, coordinates and defends French positions within the international bodies that cover frequency policy and harmonisation over the entire spectrum. 

Harmonisation at the international level is an essential prerequisite for the transnational use of frequencies (particularly in the maritime, aeronautical and space sectors) for both commercial and government applications.  Indeed, frequencies propagate and cannot be confined within our borders: every sovereign country has the right to fair access to the frequency spectrum. In addition, there is a growing need for harmonisation across all sectors, in order to benefit from economies of scale and facilitate the free movement of equipment.

The ANFR is involved in the preparation of the World Radiocommunication Conferences (WRC ) which, every 3 to 4 years, revise the Radio Regulations (RR), the treaty between the Member States of the International Telecommunication Union, the first deliverable generating rights in the field of frequencies. It is also involved in the various Study commissions  in the Radiocommunications sector.

At the European level, the ANFR contributes to the harmonisation of the frequency use conditions within the countries of the European Union and the European geographical area (CEPT) and to the preparation of European positions for world conferences.

The Agency is involved in the following areas:

The ANFR negotiates border coordination agreements with its European neighbours to prevent interference with neighbouring countries and optimise spectrum use. 

Finally, the ANFR is in charge of drawing up and updating the national frequency band assignment table (TNRBF).