Spectrum & Innovation conferences

The Spectrum & Innovation conferences are international events organised every year by the ANFR, intended to bring together direct or indirect spectrum players to discuss service-related issues. 

The purpose is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding radio frequencies among a wide range of digital professionals. 

The various topics covered by the Spectrum & Innovation conferences:

  • 1st edition (June 2013): Frequencies, a lever for economic growth
  • 2nd edition (November 2014): Frequencies at the service of the individual
  • 3rd edition (8 December 2015): What frequencies for tomorrow's networks
  • 4th edition (December 2016: Spectrum management: what strategy to adopt to meet changing use patterns?
  • 5th edition (October 2018): Frequencies at the heart of three revolutions: 5G, Space and Mobility
  • 6th edition (March 2023): New space communications and innovation in the gaming era

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Les Hackathons FrHack!

The FrHack! Hackathons

In line with will for openness, since 2016 ANFR has been organising an annual hackathon, FrHack! This initiative allows citizens from a variety of backgrounds (students, radio amateurs, developers, geo-mathematicians, etc.) to pool their skills and expertise on topics proposed by the Agency in order to prototype innovating digital services.

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The various topics covered by FrHack! :

The frequency workshops

The frequency workshops have been organised by the ANFR since 2020. These workshops generally take place over a half day and focus on the latest developments in spectrum use. These workshops, which are open to the public, provide an opportunity to discuss strategic spectrum issues with professionals.

A look back at the various frequency workshops:

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Viva technology

As part of the partnership between the National Frequency Agency and MSL France covering the 2023 Viva Technology Trade Show, the ANFR is in charge of coordinating and checking all the frequencies during the event of 14 to 17 June 2023.

Applicants for temporary frequencies must fill in the downloadable authorisation application below and return it in Excel format to the following email address:

The applications will be examined by the ANFR up to their final frequency assignment phase.

Auxiliary sound equipment (PMSE audio) must be declared on the Frequency Blockchain application:



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