The ANFR’s investigations

The development of wireless related habits means that there are increasing numbers of frequency spectrum users and therefore more risks of interference, which can hinder or even prevent all uses of a band within a given area. Through its regional services and branches in the French overseas territories, ANFR agents conduct true investigative work to find the sources of interference and put an end to disruptions.

The publication of these investigations, which describe the actions taken by ANFR staff to solve cases of interference, illustrates the risks involved in misusing frequencies. The purpose of these investigations is to raise public awareness of the proper use of frequencies so as not to be a cause of interference, and of the importance of knowing how to react effectively when one is the victim of interference, in particular by alerting the ANFR

To mark its 25th anniversary, the ANFR has compiled 25 of its most eye catching investigations in a book. In towns, in the mountains, in the countryside and even on the high seas, discover the adventures of the guardians of the spectrum.

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