Raising awareness of the proper use of spectrum

Everyone must become a vigilant actor, as careful in the radio space as in the digital space and in the physical space to limit the risks of interference and reduce their effects.

Rules for the use of frequencies as well as the use of radio, electric and electronic equipment have been established to allow better coexistence between frequency users, both for frequencies covered by a general authorization of use (commonly called “free”) and frequencies subject to individual authorization. These rules help prevent and resolve cases of harmful interference, facilitate equitable access to resources, and enable the use of natural radio frequency spectrum resources for all radiocommunication services. It is therefore very important to respect this regulatory framework.

It is important to know and respect all these regulations to avoid causing interference.

You also need to know how to respond effectively when experiencing harmful interference to enhance one’s resilience.

To this end, and in order to develop a culture of spectrum security, like what is done in cybersecurity, ANFR is developing educational actions aimed at the various audiences concerned.

These actions aim to:

• on the one hand to promote the proper use of frequencies and radio, electric and electronic equipment according to the applicable rules, by sharing knowledge

• and, on the other hand, for professionals, businesses and infrastructures for whom the spectrum is critical for the continuity of their activity, to consider the risks of interference in their overall security portfolio in order to reduce their impacts through detection capabilities and establishing an efficient response capacity including alerting ANFR to enable interference resolution.

These actions are available on different media: Internet pages, educational leaflets, RLAN networks in the 5 GHz frequency band, GPS jammers ( lien vers la plaquette en anglais), articles in the “ANFR’s investigations” section of its newsletter and a book “Radiofrequency Interference, ANFR investigates »