SAR measurement results

To better inform consumers, ANFRcontinuously publishing the results of SAR measurements performed since 2012 in open data format as part of its mission to control public exposure to electromagnetic waves and monitor the market. Three types of checks are out  performed to assess device compliance

  • “head SAR” measurement covering the use of the phone against the ear, during voice calls. They show that, except for one phone, these SAR values have always been compliant with applicable regulations, i.e. less than 2 W/kg. 
  • “trunk SAR” measurements are used whene  when the phone is carried near the body, for example in a jacket or a clothes pocket or a bag. The maximum value defined by regulation is 2W/kg but this value is associated with a separation distance between the device under test and  the body. For mobile phones, the "trunk" SAR is assessed at a distance of 5 mm for all 6 faces..
  • “limb SAR" measurements , which correspond to the phone being held against a limb, for example, worn in an armband or in a trouser pocket and held in the hand. The maximum value defined by regulation is 4W/kg. For mobile phones, the "limb" SAR is assessed in contact for all 6 faces.

ANFR started checking the “trunk SAR” in 2012, considering the new uses for phones relating to the recommendations to use earphones and relating to data exchange (mobile internet, MMS, etc.). At the time when the European R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC was applicableallowed manufacturers to choose a separation distance of between 0 and 25 mm to measure trunk SAR. This variable distance, was not always mentioned in documentation to users, making control more complex.

The preparation of a new directive was opened,  giving the possibility of to update the standard

It was in this context that between 2012 and 2016, the ANFR performed additional trunk SAR measurements using different distances  than the one recommended by manufacturers. These distances could not be used to assess the compliance of devices as they went further than the standard requirements. Therefore, France presented these results to member states and as well as the European Commission as consequence the European regulations for separation distance have been amended.

All devices sold in France for which the certification file is later than 25 April 2016, were then assessed for the trunk SAR at a distance that cannot exceed 5 mm. This new standard is easier to check while better reflecting current mobile phone uses.

Until July 2020, the regulations imposed SAR compliance measurement to be performed on 'head' and “trunk” . Following the entry into force on 1 July 2020 of the Order of 15 November 2019 on "the display of the specific absorption rate of radio equipment and consumer information", the "limb" SAR is now also required for compliance assessment.

The ANFR regularly publishes all new SAR measurements and reports it carries out to guarantee the compliance of radio-electric terminals put on the French market.

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