5G Which frequency bands above 24GHz ?

26 September 2017

ITU is engaged in the WRC 19 preparation which will identify bands above 24 GHz to respond to the need for large bandwidth for 5G. Task Group 5/1 (TG 5/1) is the group responsible for the preparatory work for WRC-19 agenda item 1.13. It holds a meeting from 19 to 28 September in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates (UAE). More than 250 experts from administrations and sector members have attended the meeting and discussed 80 input contributions. ANFR actively contributed to the meeting to support the French position. In particular, ANFR submitted several studies developed by its experts which were adopted as French inputs to TG 5/1 (see some example). 


Even if TG 5/1 still have three meetings in 2018 some trends could be already identified. The 26 GHz, supported by Europe and subject to a European harmonization process, appears as the future primary international band for 5G. In addition, 37.5-43.5 GHz and 66-71 GHz are attracting much interest. On the opposite, studies in the 32 GHz band are showing incompatibilities between the radionavigation service, already allocated in the band and 5G.