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A few words on the studies

Our missions

The ANFR makes any proposal suitable to ensure an adequate use of radio-electrical systems. To achieve this goal, studies are carried out in relation with the coexisting conditions between services, radio-communication systems or applications that use frequency resources either shared or adjacent.

Such studies require high skills. The ANFR uses highly realistic hypothesis both with regard to the characteristics of the systems and applications at stake and to the use cases scenarios to be considered. In relation to the latter, the most relevant propagation models are used. Those studies, initiated by the ANFR, are validated by the various relevant national consultative commissions.

Because of the issue they are related to, some of these studies are of interest to a broader audience than radio experts. They are introduced below.


International studies vs national ones

The electromagnetic studies carried out by the ANFR can aim at fulfilling one of the following two objectives.

They are used in the European or international processes (such as the ones for the preparation of World Radio-communication Conferences) in support to the national positions with regard to the definition of frequency use common technical conditions: border rights (i.e., RR) or harmonisation provisions (European, international).

They also have a purely national aspect in particular to clarify or ease the implementation, into the French national regulation, of European or international harmonisation provisions taking into account of national specificities.

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