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Market monitoring

The ANFR is one of the national administrations in charge of monitoring the radio equipment and telecommunication terminal market (checks in points of sale and storage locations).

Our missions

1) The ANFR is also one of the national administrations in charge of carrying out market monitoring tasks on equipment covered by the R&TTE directive  (inspection after the fact). In particular, this involves checking the marking and documentation on equipment being sold, the implementation of the sampling procedure to have laboratory tests carried out and, when applicable, prosecute any cases of non-conformity that are found. The other French administrations in charge of market monitoring are the Directorate General for Consumers, Competition and the repression of fraud (DGCCRF), Customs and the electronic communications and postal service regulation authority (ARCEP).

2) Finally, the Agency can make proposals to the minister in charge of electronic communications aimed at restricting or prohibiting the free movement of the products.

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